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Martini - Love is


 500 copies 

*50% of all net proceeds go to the Original Artist*

The amazing stepper from 1985 is alive and well in 2021. It has been sonically remastered/retouched by Audio Restoration Wizard Arensii Tikhonenko of Delicate Wash, then freshly pressed onto a 150g 12"

In addition to these stupendous original tracks we are excited to provide you with three special edits and 1 tremendous remix from some of the most renowned selectors/producers and frankly music lovers of our time.

DET team 2 spent eons tracking it down and then by a God send was contacted by no other than the original recording artist herself, Martini Sweet

The song was written, played and produced by Ken Williams, the boyfriend and now husband of Martini....the woman whose voice is the most spectacular many of us have ever heard!

Ken wrote it as he imagined what he wanted to say to her and in course what she would sing to him, Martini would even contribute her own lyrics just to make it that much more sincere. A true love story with beautiful music to accompany. 

This record was originally recorded in a single 6 hour session via a Korg Poly-800, Lead + Bass guitar(s), drums programming from a LinnDrum and sung beautifully into an AKG-414 ... all at Bernard Terry's Silver Sun Recording Studio and originally mixed by Eric Morgeson in Flint, Michigan. 

It was pressed onto 300 7" 45s and premiered on WGPR radio!

Although the record was not an immediate hit, it would be rediscovered in recent years as a must have for any collector and/or DJAY. 

The rarity of the record has led prices to go over 1000usd and if you want anything other than a youtube rip audio file — forget it !

Martini is still actively performing in Atlanta, Georgia and you can follow her here

We are humbled to be able to provide this release to you as one of the Official represses this label will offer along with many other wax only releases from original to SS releases with no digital fingerprint °•* ...if you want to know about further apex work Death on Wax will be providing please sign up via homepage SMS for notifications as we DO NOT DO SOCIAL MEDIA OR AD CAMPAIGNS. 


A1 - Love Is - 87 BPM - 00:04:26

A2 - Love Is (JAZ Edit) - 87 BPM - 00:07:00

A3 - Love Is (Skyrager Edit) - 90 BPM - 00:05:23

AA1 - Love Is (Synth & Soda's Tribute Remix) - 90 BPM - 00:07:17

AA2 - Give It To Me (Danilo Braca Make It Cozy Edit) - 122 BPM - 00:04:35